Happy Birthday?

I received a notification for a birthday reminder on Facebook, today. I don’t think that person is on Facebook very much. But, I have their phone number. So, I decided to send a “Happy Birthday” text message instead. Seemed more thoughtful. However, after they thanked me, they ended with, “it’s just another day, another year.” And my heart hurt. As I reread the message for clarity, I couldn’t help the sadness that overtook me each time I explained to myself that this person felt that they weren’t worth celebrating. 

Sure, I’ve had birthdays that I longed to hear from someone that was no longer a part of my life, but, I’m able to say those thoughts were fleeting and drowned out by all of the other well wishes and love I’d received. How sad for this friend of mine, that there wasn’t one person that was willing to give her the chance to instead reply, “my birthday was great!” And how sad that if and when they were given the chance, they didn’t seize it. 

As I searched for the right words to say back to her via Google, I have to admit, as much as I love google, it failed me. I couldn’t find a single quote, article, or blog that explained why a birthday wasn’t just another day. So, I decided to write it myself. To say to my friend (and maybe you) why it’s more than just another day and another year. 

1. Sometimes, when I’m not sure of the look I’m going for and the mirror won’t agree with me, I run into you, and you take the time to stop, smile and look me in the eyes and say, “Hi, beautiful.”

2. Sometimes, when I’m beating myself up about something I’ve done or said that I shouldn’t have, I see you and you say, “Hi, precious.” Even when I don’t feel very precious. 

This lets me know that you understand. You must know what it’s like to feel ugly, sometimes. Inside and out. How else would you be able to make it your life’s purpose to give a brief yet meaningful smile and compliment? 

Take the time out today, to ponder who you are to those around you. And in case that is too difficult a task, (after all, if it were that easy you’d do it all the time, right?) then I will tell you. You matter. The world and the people around you are better because of the big and little things that you do. Even the people you don’t know but, pass on the street. You’re worth celebrating. Every single day. Someone held on because of you. 


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